Revamped Apache Cordova Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I delivered a Cordova/PhoneGap Workshop at jQuery UK in Oxford. Great conference in a great location! I took the opportunity to revamp the workshop I had been delivering at PhoneGap Day in Portland and Amsterdam, and at LXJS in Lisbon. I thought it could be useful to a larger audience, so […]

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QCon New York Slides: Creating Native-Like Mobile Apps with Cordova, AngularJS and Ionic

I had a great time presenting “Creating Native-Like Mobile Apps with Cordova, AngularJS and Ionic” at QCon New York two weeks ago. Thanks to all who attended my session. The HTML slides are available here. I was running these slides in Cordova, so some interactions (taking a picture of the audience, comparing click vs touch, […]

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Sociogram: A Sample Application demonstrating AngularJS/Ionic and Facebook Integration

About a year ago, I blogged Sociogram, a starter project demonstrating how to integrate with Facebook in your mobile and web applications. A year later, it’s time for a makeover: Here is a brand new version of Sociogram, built with AngularJS, Ionic, and the OpenFB micro-library I shared earlier this week. Sociogram is a sample […]

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Cordova/PhoneGap Facebook Integration without Plugin

Many consumer apps provide a Facebook Login option, as well as other Facebook integration features such as posting to your feed, getting your list of friends, etc. Cordova has a Facebook Plugin that makes that integration easy. Internally, the plugin uses both the Native and the JavaScript implementations of the Facebook SDK, and historically, it […]

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Interactive Mobile Dashboards in the Salesforce1 App

This is my third and last article in a series dedicated to building dynamic mobile dashboards with D3, ChartJS, and other data visualization libraries on top of the Salesforce platform. The source code is always the same, but each post focuses on a different deployment option: In the first article, I showed how to deploy […]

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Building Mobile Apps for with Ratchet 2.0

In my previous post, I shared a sample mobile application built with the freshly released Ratchet 2.0. Ratchet is a UI toolkit (mostly CSS) that provides skins and UI components for mobile applications built with web standards. In this post, I’ll share a similar application for the platform. This sample application provides you with […]

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Employee Directory Sample Application with Ratchet 2.0

After this week’s double announcement that Ratchet 2.0 is available and is now part of the Bootstrap organization, I decided to update the Ratchet/Backbone version of my Employee Directory application with Ratchet 2.0 and see how it looks. You can experience the application in the phone “simulator” below (type a few characters in the search […]

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Building Interactive Dashboards in Visualforce Pages

In my previous post, I shared a sample application showing how to build interactive Mobile Dashboards for the Salesforce platform using the Mobile SDK, D3, ChartJS, and other data visualization libraries. As I mentioned in that post, the same application could be deployed in a Visualforce page hosted in your Salesforce environment. Here is […]

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